Brain Day at NYU!

After being re-scheduled due to inclement weather, New York University’s Brain Day at NYU Langone Medical Center took place last Thursday, April 13th as part of BraiNY and the Dana Alliance’s celebration of Brain Awareness Week. The event included a Brain Fair in the breezeway where various booths demonstrated experiments and provided information on the brain. There were also models of brains to examine and play with, and some free Dana Alliance materials and publications, too!


This year’s Brain Fair at NYU Langone Medical Center.

In a separate room, NYU’s Center for Cognitive Neurology, in partnership with the Dana Foundation, presented a Successful Aging & Your Brain (SA&YB) program to a capacity crowd. Trainer Linda Meyer kicked off the event with a brain warm-up to get everyone’s blood flowing, followed by a panel discussion on memory, Alzheimer’s, and other brain disorders with panelists Arjun Masurkar, M.D., Ph.D., neurology; Ricardo Osorio, M.D., psychology; Yael Zweig, nurse practitioner; and moderator Jyoti Patel, Ph.D., neurosurgery.

The program wrapped up by focusing on the four factors of a brain-healthy life: staying physically active, reducing vascular risk factors, managing diseases and drugs that may impair brain function, and keeping your brain lively with social engagement, intellectual activity, and adequate sleep; followed by a Q&A.


The brain warm-up kicks off SA&YB at NYU Langone Medical Center.

For free, downloadable materials on how to keep your brain sharp, visit the SA&YB page. In addition to the list of materials and past program highlights, the popular booklets and bookmarks are now available in Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. To read about the related topic of Alzheimer’s prevention, check out our Cerebrum article from March titled “The Four Pillars of Alzheimer’s Prevention.”

– Amanda Bastone

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