Mount Sinai 5th Annual Brain Fair

On Friday, the Icahn School of Medicine hosted its fifth annual Brain Fair to offer children and adults the opportunity to learn more about neuroscience. The event was originally scheduled to take place during Brain Awareness Week in March, but had to be postponed due to inclement weather. While Friday’s weather was only a slight improvement (with the highest recorded rainfall to flood New York City since 1871!), over 500 people filled the decorated Guggenheim Pavilion of Mount Sinai Hospital to interact with scientists and doctors who study and treat the brain.

There were more than 30 booths with games and informational activities on topics from memory and virtual reality, to perception, traumatic brain injury, and more. Towards the back, a giant inflatable brain allowed visitors to take a quick tour and learn more about what makes up the complex organ. Below are some pictures highlighting the successful event:



Participants took turns to see the human brain using a virtual reality kit.



Young students flocked around this arts and crafts table to learn how to make synapses out of pipe cleaner.



Experts in neuroscience spoke one-on-one with students to answer (and take note of) all kinds of questions about the brain.


Next to the scientists, children enjoyed creating colorful charts mapping out different brain regions.


Color-coded regions of the brain and more inside this giant, inflatable Brain Tour!

The Brain Fair was made possible by partnerships with the Icahn School of Medicine, Mentoring in Neuroscience Discovery at Sinai (MiNDS), the Center for Excellence in Youth Education (CEYE), and the Friedman Brain Institute.

– Seimi Rurup


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