National Health Education Week

This week, join the celebration for National Health Education Week (October 16-20)! The weeklong campaign, sponsored by the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE), first began in 1995 as an effort to direct national attention towards public health issues and promote a general understanding of the role health education plays in our everyday lives.

Not sure where to start? Each day this week, SOPHE is providing a series of themed events online and on social media to open up discussions on health education, community events, and the impact of advocacy. Public participation is encouraged, and don’t forget to use #NHEW.

As another organization committed to educating the public about brain health and the latest in scientific research, the Dana Foundation offers a vast amount of free, lay-friendly publications and resources year-round, encouraging people of all ages to better understand the brain.

Health Education Month image_orange

Our site has four pages designed specifically for Patients & Caregivers, Seniors, Educators, and Kids, with information about brain disorders, tips for optimal brain health, lesson plans, and activities for hands-on learning. If there is a specific brain disease you’d like to learn about, our Brain Connections details 30 of the most common disorders and provides links to validated sites reviewed by scientific advisors. In addition, our monthly online journal, Cerebrum, invites pioneering neuroscientists to write about the latest developments in their areas of expertise. (The most recent article written by Eric Chudler, Ph.D., reviews a book on communicating science by renowned actor Alan Alda.) Outside of our more longform articles, there are also Q&As and podcasts highlighting various scientists and their research.

The most important thing is to get involved, whether it’s by taking the steps to better educate yourself or promoting this week’s campaign to help those around you.

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