Brain Awareness Week 2018 in Photos

Three months ago, Brain Awareness Week was celebrated by thousands of people in 43 countries. Activities engaged kids, adults, and seniors in lessons about the brain and its importance in our everyday lives—sometimes through a straightforward talk or a lab tour, and other times through creative endeavors such as a concert or a movie screening.

We collect images of these events from around the world for our Brain Awareness Week Photo Gallery, and today we offer a glimpse into the 2018 campaign through these photos.


Students crafting neurons during a Brain Awareness Week Open House organized by the University of Washington.

Luminense_Federal_University_Biology_Institute_NuPEDEN_Brain_Slide (1)

Students examining brains during an event organized by Fluminense Federal University, Biology Institute, NuPEDEN in Brazil.

Dementia_Care_Home_Presentation_Slide (1).jpg

Children and the elderly learn about dementia together during an event organized by the Dementia Care Home, Faridabad in India.


Learning about brain research tools during an event organized by Hafricah.NET in Messina, Italy.

To learn more about the annual Brain Awareness Week campaign and how to participate, visit our website. It’s never too early to begin thinking about an event that might be right for your community, and we offer tips based on past successful programs.

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