#BrainWeek 2019 Sticker Design Contest Winners


We are pleased to announce the winners of our second annual Sticker Design Contest for Brain Awareness Week! The designs we received this year demonstrated creative talent and enthusiasm for the brain from people around the world. Out of five finalists, the first-, second-, and third-place winners have been chosen by the public through an online survey.


First place winner Leonor Castro Caldas Braga

Leonor Castro Caldas Braga from Lisbon, Portugal, created the first-place design, which will be printed on thousands of stickers to be distributed for Brain Awareness Week, March 11-17, 2019. Braga is a 15-year-old student, whose mother, Margarida Castro Caldas Braga, has been a Brain Awareness Week partner at the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa for several years, and received the e-mail announcing the contest.

When asked about her hobbies and interests, Braga said, “My hobbies are playing electric guitar and studying music, and, of course, drawing! My favorite subject is geometry.” Braga would like to pursue a career as an architect and is not considering a scientific career (for now).

When asked about how she came up with her sticker design, she said:

I was inspired [by] what I learned by participating in several BAW activities in Lisbon. I started to draw the human brain highlighting all the details, the ridges and grooves in different colors. Then it evolved [into] a more geometric, simpler and more stylized design. I made a few similar designs, more or less complex, using different colors, and the family chose this one.

Second-place winner Abby Salinero is from Albany, New York, and works as a lab manager/research technician in Kristen Zuloaga’s neuroscience lab at Albany Medical College, where she studies the “sex differences in the metabolic and cognitive effects of vascular contributions to dementia.” She was interested in participating in the competition because she wants to pursue scientific/medical illustration as part of her science career. She “…would like to create figures for papers, posters, articles, etc., with the goal of making abstract scientific concepts more accessible and interesting both within the scientific community and among the community at large.”

Third-place winner, Brenda Ramos, is from Orlando, Florida, and works as a seamstress. Although she has no formal training or degree in art, she works around many creative and talented people who inspire her to produce her work. Talking about the brain, Ramos said she has “…always been amazed at how much detailed information one organ in the body can record and keep for so many years.”

Congratulations to our three winners and thanks to all who participated! Learn more about Brain Awareness Week and how to participate by visiting the website.

– Amanda Bastone


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