Getting Ready for Brain Awareness Week 2019!

Brain Awareness Week (March 11-17) is only a few months away, so it’s time for our partners to start planning in earnest for their 2019 activities! Partners can take advantage of the many Dana Foundation resources available to support their outreach efforts on the campaign website.

What is Brain Awareness Week, you might ask? It’s the global campaign to increase public awareness about the progress and benefits of brain research. Around the world, our partners organize fun and fascinating events and initiatives, uniting their efforts every March in a celebration of the brain. Here is an introduction to Brain Awareness Week and the benefits of becoming a partner:

First things first, we encourage all partners to post their activities on the Global Calendar of Events. This calendar is used by members of the public to find events to attend in their areas. It also helps us track how many events are taking place worldwide!

Starting now, partners within the United States can submit orders for free bulk quantities of our publications and promotional materials to share with their audiences, including our new 2019 Brain Awareness Week Sticker, created by 15 year-old student Leonor Castro Caldas Braga of Lisbon, Portugal. Braga was the winner of our second annual Brain Awareness Week Sticker Design Contest.


First-place Brain Awareness Week sticker design by Leonor Braga

For all our partners around the globe, we offers advice and resources including event ideas and planning tips; education and science resources; and outreach tools for areas such as social media and traditional media. When sharing your activities on social media, please remember to use the hashtags #BrainAwarenessWeek and #BrainWeek, so we can find and like your posts! 

For ready-made activities for kids and easy handouts for all ages, check out our printable and shareable downloadable materials, which include our fact sheets, lesson plans, and puzzles.

Stay tuned for more coverage of Brain Awareness Week 2019!

– Amanda Bastone

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