Brain Fairs for Brain Awareness Week

Brain Fairs for Brain Awareness Week

Prior to Brain Awareness Week, we encouraged you to watch our video on how to organize a successful brain fair, and now that Brain Awareness Week is here, we encourage you to see one in action! Across the globe, brain fairs—stations with activities and information about the brain set up at hospitals, universities, community centers, and more—are a popular activity for organizers and attendees alike. They’re a great way to share a range of brain science topics, while also drawing attention to the work or focus of the organizer.

In New York City this week, we have our pick of brain fairs to attend—so we’ve chosen to attend several of them! We offer some highlights in photos from the NYC brain fair scene.

BioBase Harlem at Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute:


An eye station demonstrates how the eye reacts to light.


Don’t forget the brain swag! Brain erasers are always a hit with participants (and can be ordered from us for free by registered partners in the US who plan an event for Brain Awareness Week).

NYU Langone Health:


A 3D printer creating a brain model


NYU Brain Day exhibitors explain how the brain works and let participants feel and hold real brains.

Mount Sinai Hospital:


Brain trivia on cards that flip up, with the answer on the opposite side. For example, “Concussion symptoms may take a day to appear after an incident.” Answer: True.


The much-coveted inflatable brain! Signs inside inform people about the different part of the brain and their functions.


Whose brain is that? Attendees guess which brains belong to which animals.

Beautiful brain art gallery

So, as you can see, there’s something for everyone! Brain Awareness Week continues through Sunday, March 17, but there are events planned throughout the month. Visit our global events calendar to find an activity in your area!

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