When is the Brain “Mature”?

In the New York state budget just passed by Albany, legislators will raise the age to be tried as an adult from 16 to 18 years. New York was one of only two states left in the US that prosecuted youth as adults when they turned 16–now North Carolina stands on its own.

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In the US, law and policy have struggled to determine an accurate age to judge people mature and accountable, but new scientific findings regarding the brain, adolescence, and neurodevelopment counter the idea that we can pinpoint one age for everyone.

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Mental Illness in Young Adults

Last week we highlighted June’s Capitol Hill briefing on the links between poverty and brain development, and this week, we’d like to direct you to the AAAS article about the July briefing on mental illness in young adults. The briefings are part of a series organized by AAAS and funded by the Dana Foundation.

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