World Science Festival: What is Color?

“What is Color?” was the dominant question submitted by more than 26,000 curious eleven-year olds around the world in this year’s Flame Challenge, issued by the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University. The Challenge asks scientists to answer the chosen question in a manner understandable and engaging to eleven-year olds (past questions were: What is a Flame? What is Time?), and this year, almost 400 scientists responded. The 2014 winners were announced on Sunday.

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Putting “Brains on Trial”–A New PBS Series

Guest post by Kayt Sukel

How might the field of neuroscience change the U.S. legal system? It’s a broad question; as technology advances, neuroscientific study has the potential to alter all aspects of a legal case, starting from how we determine a perpetrator’s true intent to helping judges hand down appropriate and just sentences. But the key word here is potential, and in a new two-part PBS series, Brains in Trial, actor and science enthusiast Alan Alda explores just what that potential may be.

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