Brooklyn: Free Talk on Decision-Making

Why might you decide to go to the Secret Science Club at the Bell House in Brooklyn on Tuesday, August 20? If you don’t go, you may never know; neuroscientist Anne Churchland is going to be on hand to discuss…wait for it…decision-making.

Secret Science Club explains:

At Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, neuroscientist Anne Churchland works at the cutting edge of research on decision-making. She asks:

  • How does your brain compile all the bits of sensory data it receives to make good (or even not so good) decisions?
  • What can new technologies and experiments tell us about how we think–even when our “thinking” is subconscious?
  • How does the brain handle multisensory input? Is one sense favored over others?
  • Why are simple decisions sometimes so complex? What might the neuroscience of decision-making tell us about anxiety, addiction, and other disorders?

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