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Crosswords, word packets, fill-ins, oh my! Today is National Puzzle Day, a time to keep your brain active with social and intellectual activity from our newly revised puzzle packet. This popular resource is filled 18 pages of word searches, cryptograms, and more brain related-fun. Learn more about National Puzzle Day here, and download the entire Puzzle Pack and answer key on our website.

We hope you enjoy them!

Brain Puzzle Fun!

Looking for some hump day procrastination fun? Try our new puzzles! Targeted to different student age groups (K-12), you can test your neuroscience know-how with these word searches, crosswords, and more on topics such as brain plasticity and anatomy.

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Manhattan Student Triumphant in NYC Regional Brain Bee

For the two weeks leading up to the NYC Regional Brain Bee competition, Mary Zhuo Ke studied twenty pages of her textbook every day. She modestly mentioned several times that she was not expecting to win, but it was clear that her hard work paid off. “When preparing for this competition, I realized that in order to truly succeed, I had to understand what I was reading. I had to make connections so I would be able to make intelligent guesses if I was not familiar with the answer of a question. During the Brain Bee, I relied on inferences several times.”

Mary Zhuo Ke, First Place winner of the 2015 NYC Regional Brain Bee. Photo credit: Jacqueline Silberbush

Mary Zhuo Ke, First Place winner of the 2015 NYC Regional Brain Bee. Photo credit: Jacqueline Silberbush

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Brain Game: Brain Quote Cryptogram II

As we count down the hours until the holiday weekend, why not take a little trivia break with one of the many brain-themed puzzles created by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives?

The following cryptogram is a quote about the brain, followed by the name of its author. Some of the letters have been filled in to give you a head start. Can you solve it?


(Click to enlarge)

The answer will be posted in the comments section one week from today. Please feel free to share your answer below.

Happy holidays!

– Ann L. Whitman

Brain Game: Word Jumble

The following jumbled words are skills you can practice to help keep your memory sharp. Once you figure out the answers, unscramble the highlighted letters to answer the riddle (one letter has been filled in for you):

“Why do reptiles have such good memories?”

“Because they have ________  _________ !”

What may seem like a faltering memory may in fact be a decline in the rate at which we learn and store new information.  Visit for more information on memory, and practice these memory skills to enhance learning and make remembering easier:

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