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Are you subscribed to Brain in the News? Our free, monthly periodical has been circulating around the globe by the tens of thousands since 1994, keeping readers up to date with trending stories in the field of neuroscience.

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Dana News E-Blast: October

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The Binge and the Brain


by Alice V. Ely, Ph.D., and Anne Cusack, Psy.D.

Who hasn’t dipped into that pint of Häagen-Dazs and finished the entire container? Out-of-control impulse consumption is at the heart of binge-eating disorder (BED), a newly recognized mental condition that we are just beginning to better understand–from both a neurobiological and clinical standpoint. From Cerebrum, our online magazine of ideas.

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Brain in the News

The internet has made information accessible in ways it never was before, and the Dana Foundation certainly takes advantage, publishing content on its website daily. At the same time, print has become a forgotten medium. Not at Dana, where Brain in the News boasts an impressive subscriber list.

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Brain in the News

With all of the great content being produced by the Dana Foundation, we don’t want you to forget about Brain in the News. It is our free, monthly print publication. To subscribe, click here and register. We debuted a new design at the beginning of the year that not only gives BitN a more modern look, but should make the content easier to digest as well.

If you’re looking for accurate, interesting neuroscience articles from a variety of sources, in addition to an original column from our advisor, Guy McKhann, M.D., go ahead and subscribe.

–Andrew Kahn

New Look for Brain in the News

Brain in the News, the Dana Foundation’s free, monthly print publication, is getting a makeover. The content will not change, but the design of the publication will. Starting with the January issue, BitN will have a new look. The previously green banner will now be blue, consistent with the main color on the Dana website. There will be more font uniformity, and we will no longer exclusively rely on stories stacking on top of one another—Guy McKhann’s column, for example, will appear as, well, a column. There are more subtle changes as well.

While layout and design are a matter of taste and preference, we hope readers will find the new look to be cleaner and more modern than its predecessor. And Brain in the News will still feature accurate, interesting neuroscience articles from a variety of publications.

To subscribe to Brain in the News—remember, it’s free and will be delivered to your mailbox every month—click here and register.

– Andrew Kahn

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