Richard Morris on The Life Scientific

“Suppose you were to go back to the place where you lived as a child,” neuroscientist Richard Morris prompts, “You could probably go back to the exact spot where the house was, but it may have changed dramatically…It may be a whole different kind of neighborhood. But you would know that was the place where you had grown up.”

So what happens in our brains to give us this innate sense of place? Morris has devoted the last 50 years to researching and understanding the mechanisms in our brain that power this “internal GPS” and offered some insight on Tuesday’s episode of BBC Radio’s “The Life Scientific.” His work focuses on how brain connections change, strengthen, and weaken in response to patterns of activity that correspond to everyday life experiences.

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2016 Brain Prize Awarded to Three for Memory Research

On Tuesday, three British neuroscientists were awarded the Brain Prize “for their outstanding work on the mechanisms of memory.” Tim Bliss and Dana Alliance members Richard Morris and Graham Collingridge share this honor and the one million Euros prize.

According to the Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research, which sponsors the Prize:

The research by Professors Bliss, Collingridge and Morris has focused on a brain mechanism known as ‘Long-Term Potentiation’ (LTP), which underpins the life-long plasticity of the brain. Their discoveries have revolutionized our understanding of how memories are formed, retained and lost.

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