Brain Puzzle Fun!

Looking for some hump day procrastination fun? Try our new puzzles! Targeted to different student age groups (K-12), you can test your neuroscience know-how with these word searches, crosswords, and more on topics such as brain plasticity and anatomy.

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Brainy Kids: Animals and Dissections Resource

This might sound gross, but I remember being excited to dissect a worm in school. Learning about animals and their behavior is intriguing, but seeing and learning about their inner workings can be just as fascinating. Check out the following websites, which are listed under the Lab: Dissections section of the Dana Foundation site to learn more about the makeup of animals:Dana-Kids

It’s taken a long time for humans to evolve from apes. This site takes you through the skeletal evolution of mankind by showing pictures of gorillas, baboons, and other mammals, to show the comparison among their structure. You can see how we’ve evolved from four legged mammals to upright humans over time.

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Learning is Fun on Brainy Kids Online

School may be out, but that doesn’t mean the learning has to stop! Check out the Fun section (“fun” being the key word) in the Dana Foundation’s Brainy Kids Online, a science resource for students, teachers, and parents.

Kid can explore the science of light at Optics for Kids, a website run by the Optical Society of America. The website hosts a great gallery of optical illusions and information about the work of scientists or “Optic celebs.” There are also a number of at-home activities, with varying levels of difficulty.

For something more interactive, kids can help the Super Crew save the world of Vearth from the science-distorting computer virus, Deep Delete. This game and more on Kinetic City, a production of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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Brainy Kids

Brainy Kids, a portal of science-related resources for kids and teenagers, is a section of the Dana Foundation’s website I’d like to highlight.

The page is divided into three categories: Fun, The Lab, and Lesson Plans. If you are a young girl (5-17) looking to discover science, technology, engineering or math, you’d definitely want to check out the Girls Go Tech website, listed in the “Fun” section. Girls Go Tech is run by the Girl Scouts of America, and has sections to explain various aspects of the engineering field, new technological advances, and games for every age group. You can explore interactive coloring, and stay updated on proper texting etiquette or take quizzes for fun. I also like that the site promotes “girl power” and emphasizes the importance of intelligence.

The Lab section includes a link to “Kids Health: The Brain is the Boss,” a fun gateway for young kids (10 and under) to learn about the brain and how it works. The site has sections such as Staying Healthy, Kids’ Dictionary of Medical Words, and the Growing Mind and Body. There are articles, podcasts, videos, and games in both English and Spanish.

Coming soon to the Lesson Plan section is a link to the Scientific American education page. There, kids ages 6-12 can learn about recycling, listen to science podcasts and read articles about anything from the weather and space to science experiments at home.

The Brainy Kids section is updated quarterly so check it out for new and exciting things!

–Blayne Jeffries

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