Engaging the Next Generation of Neuroscientists

A major part of the Dana Foundation’s Brain Awareness Week campaign is to engage young students in activities and discussions about the brain. To aid in this endeavor, Dana publishes a few brainy booklets specifically geared toward kids – some of which are offered in multiple languages, as well as games and puzzles. We’re always keen to find new kid-friendly brain resources to add to our Brainy Kids section, and the other day my colleague found a cool new brain resource from the Wellcome Trust in London. The glossy publication offers students and teachers an overview of what imaging research has taught us about the brain, addressing different types of imaging, neuro-myths, and reflections from doctors and patients on the role their brains play in their lives. Check it out!

– Ann L. Whitman

Brain Game: Brain Quote Cryptogram II

As we count down the hours until the holiday weekend, why not take a little trivia break with one of the many brain-themed puzzles created by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives?

The following cryptogram is a quote about the brain, followed by the name of its author. Some of the letters have been filled in to give you a head start. Can you solve it?


(Click to enlarge)

The answer will be posted in the comments section one week from today. Please feel free to share your answer below.

Happy holidays!

– Ann L. Whitman

Brain Game: Word Jumble

The following jumbled words are skills you can practice to help keep your memory sharp. Once you figure out the answers, unscramble the highlighted letters to answer the riddle (one letter has been filled in for you):

“Why do reptiles have such good memories?”

“Because they have ________  _________ !”

What may seem like a faltering memory may in fact be a decline in the rate at which we learn and store new information.  Visit http://www.dana.org for more information on memory, and practice these memory skills to enhance learning and make remembering easier:

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Brain Game: Word Search

Let’s be honest, it’s sometimes hard to concentrate on work on Friday afternoons. Your mind starts to wander, thinking about the fun things you’re going to do over the weekend. Well, why not take a quick break and start the fun now!

The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives created a number of original puzzles and games, which are available online, and today seems like a Word Search kind of day. This particular puzzle is from the Top Ten Brain Awareness Week Favorite Puzzles collection.

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Brain Game Wednesday

It’s the last Wednesday of the month, and that means it’s time for another brain game, created by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives. I understand that some thought last month’s word scramble was a tad too easy, so how about something different?

Below is a puzzle that can test your mental agility: what third word follows each of the first two words to complete a compound word or a familiar two-word phrase?

Example: if the clue words are "BRAIN" and "THUNDER," the word that completes both compound words or phrases might be "STORM": Brainstorm and Thunderstorm.

Feel free to show off your smarts and post answers in the comments section below. And if you get stumped, we’ll post the answers in the comments section of this post at the end of the week.

Think / Army
Head / Jump      
Thought / Hot-air
Intelligence / Talent
Mind / Speed
Mental / San Francisco
Smart / Chocolate-chip
Memory / River
Rational / Phone
Brain / Micro

–Ann L. Whitman

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