Free Staying Sharp Program Saturday, August 29 in Gainesville, Georgia

Are you going to be near Gainesville, Georgia this weekend? If so, please join us Saturday morning, August 29 for our free Staying Sharp forum. It will be an exciting and informational morning that includes a panel discussion from 10 to 11 AM with Swati Gaur, MD, the medical director and owner of Senior Care Office LLC, and Patrick A. Griffith, MD, FAAN, a professor of clinical medicine at SABA University and a member of the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives.  As an added bonus, the session will be moderated by Dr. Griffith’s wife, Marcia Griffith. The panel will discuss the latest information on the aging brain, memory, Alzheimer’s disease, brain health, and more. For the last thirty minutes, they will take questions from the audience.


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BAW Partner Interview: Kyle Frantz, Ph.D.

This is the first in a series of Brain Awareness Week (BAW) partner interviews, in which partners share their BAW experiences and tips for planning successful events. Kyle Frantz, Ph.D., is a professor and science educator in the Neuroscience Institute and department of biology at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Dana Foundation: You’ve helped organize the “52 Weeks of Brain Awareness” programming in Atlanta, Georgia for many years now. Are there any new developments planned for Brain Awareness Week (BAW) in March?

Frantz side_cropped

Photo credit: Meg Buscema, Georgia State University

Kyle Frantz: Our frequent poster title “52 Weeks of Brain Awareness” in Atlanta reveals our approach to sharing enthusiasm about the brain and behavior year round. We engage tried-and-true, as well as novel, programs, events, and lesson plans every year.

One of our hot endeavors this year is the second annual city-wide Atlanta Science Festival, founded in part by long-time brain awareness supporter, Jordan Rose of Emory University’s Center for Science Education. Literally thousands of visitors will touch a human brain at festival events (carefully, and with gloves, of course)! A captivating new lesson plan we are implementing in several programs uses the Roboroach from Backyard Brains to control cockroach movements remotely by microstimulation of their antenna nerves. We’re working with local experts Chris Goode, LizAnn Amadei, and David Nicholson to wow audiences with these critters and enable participants to design experiments based on this technology. New developments like these are usually based on audience feedback, presenter interests, and ideas from collaborators and neuroscience educators around the world.

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