It’s Healthy Aging Month!


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Every September is Healthy Aging Month, and there is no better time than the present to start living a healthier life for your brain. Whether you are 80 or 18, it’s never too late or too early to follow some basic principles.

The Dana Foundation’s Successful Aging & Your Brain booklet discusses what older adults can do to keep their brains sharp as they age. Although it is true that cognitive decline, dementia, and other brain diseases and disorders become more common with age, it is also true that our brain improves in many ways as we grow older. With time, we accumulate more knowledge and apply past lessons in judging present challenges and opportunities—in other words, we become wiser. Our brains also maintain their ability to change in response to experiences, known as plasticity, well into old age.  Continue reading

Active Aging Week and Staying Sharp in Buffalo

September is a big month for the healthy aging community. It is Healthy Aging Month, and this week (Sept. 22–28) is Active Aging Week. Organized by the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA), Active Aging Week aims to entice older adults into a more-active lifestyle. The council provides tons of active aging resources on its site, including exercise programs, guides on planning and promoting events, and registration for Active Aging Week host sites.

The council encourages older adults to get out, exercise, eat well, socialize, and challenge themselves with difficult games. Sound familiar? That’s because increased mental activity, increased physical activity, increased social engagement, and control of vascular risks are also the Dana Foundation’s Four Factors to Stay Sharp. So, celebrate Active Aging Week and check out the Staying Sharp website for our resources, too.

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