Upcoming Brain Events in New York City


This year’s Brain Awareness Week (BAW) was another success with over 850 registered events worldwide (including 42 countries and 44 states)! We spoke with BAW partners from Korea, Israel, and the US, and went to the Rubin Museum of Art in NYC to learn more about perception with their Brainwave series. For those of you living in the NYC area, if you weren’t able to attend any local events, it’s not too late!

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Superstitious Sports Fans


Photo credit: Isabel Poulin

During my junior year of college, my favorite baseball team, the New York Mets, made the playoffs. I watched their games with a friend, a fellow Mets fan, in the living room of our house in Michigan. We’d eat peanuts, drink beer, and, during key at-bats, pet the deer head that was mounted on the wall next to the television.

From our seats on the couch hundreds of miles from the stadium, we knew we’d have no impact on the outcome of the game. But during one game, my friend impulsively got up during a crucial moment and patted the deer on the nose. He quickly returned to his seat to watch the Mets deliver a big hit. A superstition was born. Throughout the playoffs, one of us would inevitably pat the deer head in critical situations, hoping it would bring the Mets good luck.

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