Secret Science Club Celebrates Ignorance

The secret is out about the Secret Science Club, and probably has been since at least January when The New York Times featured it in an article about educational events in bars around the city. A few hundred people packed the room at the Bell House in Brooklyn, sipping on a house cocktail named WTF?! in honor of the evening’s event,“Ignorance: A Whiff of the Unkown.”

Neuroscientist Stuart Firestein, author of the book Ignorance: How It Drives Science, was on hand to discuss the importance of questioning and examining what we don’t know to advance science research. Firestein explained that many people perceive science as mass fact memorization, but in reality it’s more exciting to talk about what we don’t yet know. He took that notion, and in 2006 created an entire course for college seniors called “Ignorance,” which he teaches at Columbia University.

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