From the Archives: DARPA and Neuroethics

moreno-blog-100In an essay for Cerebrum in 2004, neuroethicist Jonathan Moreno described how the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was supporting projects aimed at using neuroscience to improve US military prospects. This month, Moreno, a professor at University of Pennsylvania and a member of the former US bioethics commission, wrote for The Neuroethics Blog on “neurosecurity”—its history and current strategy and the need for neuroethicists to weigh in on it.

In 2004’s “DARPA on Your Mind” he stepped through a series of research areas, spelling out some of the ethical questions attached to tinkering with the brain:

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The Community Service Approach to PTSD in Recent Veterans

After a day of Nathan’s hot dogs, American flags and fireworks, I was sitting at home watching ESPN’s Sportscenter as July Fourth turned into July Fifth. The sports channel put together a heartwarming tribute piece on returning US soldiers surprising their families at different sports venues around the country. After around 50 emotional reunion clips, I was on the verge of tears. However, what these videos did not show was the more trying weeks and months that often follow these joyful reunions.

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The Science and Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury

Planning on being in the D.C.-area on October 23? If so,
please join us at the American Association for the Advancement of Science
(AAAS) auditorium for the free public event, “The Science and Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury.” Part of the Neuroscience and Society Series co-sponsored by AAAS and
the Dana Foundation, the discussion will address current traumatic brain injury
(TBI) research, particularly in the context of sports and the military.

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